Today my father and I went to walk the dog before eating. During this trip, we met a young boy on his board. My father took the photograph beautiful birds while I was playing with the dog. Then we went to the park to buy ice-cream, there were new flavors of blue, so my father bought me one. Suddenly a big bad dog came out of nowhere and ate my ice-cream. My dog ​​and I ran after it, but we have not managed to catch up. So we joined my father to continue this ride. Then suddenly we saw a sinner, he had in his bucket of fish, they were ugly and smelled. Then we left the park and we were intrigued by the crowd and applause, so we went to see, and then suddenly we heard "fire, go", it was the start of a race. So we watched the race, it was a great race; there were thousands of runners who competed for top spots. At the end of the race, my father and I decided to go on the way back the dog escaped. So we had to go around the neighborhood to find him, we found after one hour. Once found, we returned home. When arriving, my mother cried out "at the table", we arrived at the right time. Well, this story was a day of my life in a neighborhood of New York, the city of quantities and where nothing is impossible. In this sixth district of New York it does not happen exceptional of things, by people like me who tells their life on a log at home from work.