Once upon a time, New-York had a sixth borough, its name was "New wave". It was located in front of Manhattan on the other side of the Hudson River. The New-Wave was temperated climate as all the New-York state. This borough had a particularity: it was completly ecological. It has been created by Mr Tom Green on the 11th of August 1991, after the first oil shock in the United States. Mr Tom Green is a famous ecological architect who is kwnon all over the world.  He began to develop this borough with his father who was a rich industrial building trader. First, he began to build houses and buildings exclusively turned towards south with high windows and none opening toward the north. Then, he added wind turbines on all the buildings of this borough. Sixteen years after the construction of this borough, the population of Manhattan which was located in front of New-Wave organized big manifestations because they found that this borough was ugly. But these manifestations had no effect on Tom Greens' ecological project. During the 1990s, when all the borough was finished Tom Green forbade all the oil cars and helicopters and he only autorized electric cars which were equiped which recycled tyres of green color. Then, he opened restaurants in which we only ate biologic food but also with special equipment as recycled tables with crates of vegetables from Manhattan's markerts. Tom Green opened markerts in which the people could buy biologic food. Then green spaces began to grow in this borough and also everywhere on the roofs of the houses. This city became one of the most beautiful city of New-York. When we walk on the street there was non poo of dogs. Lots of nice birds arrived in New-Wave that we can find rarely in forests. The water wich went out of water treatment plant of New Wave was so clean that fish were comestible. The light boards were ran on thanks to photovoltaics boards. To celebrate the year 2000, New-Wave swiched off its lights at midnight. They let only two blues beams were "played" in to sky. This lights have been made with the first LED lights. Today this borough has been copied all over the world and Tom Green does comferences all over the world.