Once upon a time New York had a sixth borough. In the times the oldest of New York, nearly two thousand dogs lived in this town. The legend says it’s these dogs which dominated and governed the town. At the place, the same where we can see the statue of liberty there was a big board of its leader: Big-Fang. Big-Fang had lots of occupations but its passion the most ferocious was the fishing. He could fish sixteen fish by day. However Big-Fang was awful annoyed by the very ugly, very nasty, queen of birds: Birdy. Today Birdy has reincarnated into a singer. Sometimes, Birdy came to steal fish to Big-Fang. That put Big-Fang in a big anger. As large as Big-Fang could become very bad with the people. He had, in the deepest of him, after this, a huge rage! The legend says during his rage, Big-Fan sometimes could eat beautiful, small and blue birds. He chose there blue for a simple and good reason, because the blue recalled him the sea: the home of its delicious and nice fish. When Big-Fang was hungry or angry, he could eat up to eleven blue birds! It was terrible for the bird’s family. A day the father of a little bird which ate by Big-Fang, because he is very sad bought lots of flying tables. These tables must hit the against each other close to the royal palace in order to wake up Big-Fang. The blue bird’s father played this to start to hunt Big-Fang of the kingdom of New-York and make the nasty bird queen to follow Big-Fang. Hoping all would be better. The plan worked and the blue bird’s father implanted the rule of Cui-Cui! It’s why today we can see lots of blue birds to accompany of dogs in Central Park. These dogs are submitted to the rule of Cui-Cui for ever!!!