Once upon a time, in the sixth borough of New-York, two men,twin brothers, were playing basket ball after having eaten. The story starts in November, 16th, 2000. These two young men, were fifteen years old. But suddenly, a man, with a big ugly dog, came and began to talk to them. He wanted that the children to buy drugs. The children stricken with fear started to run to see their father who was sometimes fishing. The children told their problem...

« Where is it ? »(father)
« I don't know now, but we are going for you talk » (children)
«  nice ! »
«  He has got a beautiful blue jeans and black tee-shirt »
« what is he doing? »
« He was walking his dog. »
Our father stood up and told us :
« Go home children ! »
«  yes dad ! We go now ! »
Our father went to see a bad man. But he didn't find this dealer. After a moment, our father went back to home for has going tell us the story of the bad boys in the street :
«  I didn't find this guys... »
«  Don't worry, dad, « 
«  you don't speak and follow any body in the street, it's very dangerous for you »
The day after, on Monday morning , the children went to school and has sitting down in class. The teacher annonced to the children that today, there was a particular teaching on the drugs 
and she said that it was good for no body.
They saw the man looked like the dealer of the last day. He was placed before a board and behind the table. It's very important to listen the tall person.
«  I have just one to do a test for the children, just to know their reaction, and... their reaction was good. Understood children? The drugs are not good for the human body.
You think you can fly like a bird but you go down.
For every children of the world, never touch the drugs because you could be very dependant and after die »(dealer) It was for all the people and children, a real lesson of life.