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02 juin 2014

Fish lover

 Today my father and I went to walk the dog before eating. During this trip, we met a young boy on his board. My father took the photograph beautiful birds while I was playing with the dog. Then we went to the park to buy ice-cream, there were new flavors of blue, so my father bought me one. Suddenly a big bad dog came out of nowhere and ate my ice-cream. My dog ​​and I ran after it, but we have not managed to catch up. So we joined my father to continue this ride. Then suddenly we saw a sinner, he had in his bucket of fish, they were ugly and smelled. Then we left the park and we were intrigued by the crowd and applause, so we went to see, and then suddenly we heard "fire, go", it was the start of a race. So we watched the race, it was a great race; there were thousands of runners who competed for top spots. At the end of the race, my father and I decided to go on the way back the dog escaped. So we had to go around the neighborhood to find him, we found after one hour. Once found, we returned home. When arriving, my mother cried out "at the table", we arrived at the right time. Well, this story was a day of my life in a neighborhood of New York, the city of quantities and where nothing is impossible. In this sixth district of New York it does not happen exceptional of things, by people like me who tells their life on a log at home from work.

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Shine on you crazy Diamond

Once upon a Time , New York city had a sixth borough. It is said that the borough was very nice but also very strange. In the sixth borough everyone was equal, the animals had the same rights as humans and all coexisted well together. Sometimes in this borough , dogs played music and were accompanied by beautiful blue birds' songs, they were starting their concert always with a big dance. In the sixth borough of New York, on the sixteenth of November people woke up very early to go and catch fish. Once the penguin father had more than 2000 fish. After a day of fishing, all the people were congregated to eat in the sixth borough their fishing on large table, which was strange in this borough is that everything was reversed , for example, it was uglier, every time they bought something it was the seller who paid them... 

I was even told that sometimes people did skateboard upside down, that is to say they drove back without falling. The sixth borough had big problems but also great benefits. This borough is a wonderful dream , everything you want is there . Over there it never rains, there is always a beautiful sun but also it is not all, in the sixth borough of New York,  property does not exist that is to say that all that is in you is also to me. In this borough there is no leader, everyone is free and others. The people of the sixth borough forms a single family. In the sixth borough person not to judge anyone and everyone appreciates. But the most amazing is yet to come, the sixth borough really exists and everybody wants to go , you just have to really believe in its existence , if you really think you can go to this magical place: you can all go to the sixth borough of New York !

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New L

Once upon a time, New-York had a sixth borough, its name was "New wave". It was located in front of Manhattan on the other side of the Hudson River. The New-Wave was temperated climate as all the New-York state. This borough had a particularity: it was completly ecological. It has been created by Mr Tom Green on the 11th of August 1991, after the first oil shock in the United States. Mr Tom Green is a famous ecological architect who is kwnon all over the world.  He began to develop this borough with his father who was a rich industrial building trader. First, he began to build houses and buildings exclusively turned towards south with high windows and none opening toward the north. Then, he added wind turbines on all the buildings of this borough. Sixteen years after the construction of this borough, the population of Manhattan which was located in front of New-Wave organized big manifestations because they found that this borough was ugly. But these manifestations had no effect on Tom Greens' ecological project. During the 1990s, when all the borough was finished Tom Green forbade all the oil cars and helicopters and he only autorized electric cars which were equiped which recycled tyres of green color. Then, he opened restaurants in which we only ate biologic food but also with special equipment as recycled tables with crates of vegetables from Manhattan's markerts. Tom Green opened markerts in which the people could buy biologic food. Then green spaces began to grow in this borough and also everywhere on the roofs of the houses. This city became one of the most beautiful city of New-York. When we walk on the street there was non poo of dogs. Lots of nice birds arrived in New-Wave that we can find rarely in forests. The water wich went out of water treatment plant of New Wave was so clean that fish were comestible. The light boards were ran on thanks to photovoltaics boards. To celebrate the year 2000, New-Wave swiched off its lights at midnight. They let only two blues beams were "played" in to sky. This lights have been made with the first LED lights. Today this borough has been copied all over the world and Tom Green does comferences all over the world. 

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Duo de choc

Once upon a time, in the sixth borough of New-York, two men,twin brothers, were playing basket ball after having eaten. The story starts in November, 16th, 2000. These two young men, were fifteen years old. But suddenly, a man, with a big ugly dog, came and began to talk to them. He wanted that the children to buy drugs. The children stricken with fear started to run to see their father who was sometimes fishing. The children told their problem...

« Where is it ? »(father)
« I don't know now, but we are going for you talk » (children)
«  nice ! »
«  He has got a beautiful blue jeans and black tee-shirt »
« what is he doing? »
« He was walking his dog. »
Our father stood up and told us :
« Go home children ! »
«  yes dad ! We go now ! »
Our father went to see a bad man. But he didn't find this dealer. After a moment, our father went back to home for has going tell us the story of the bad boys in the street :
«  I didn't find this guys... »
«  Don't worry, dad, « 
«  you don't speak and follow any body in the street, it's very dangerous for you »
The day after, on Monday morning , the children went to school and has sitting down in class. The teacher annonced to the children that today, there was a particular teaching on the drugs 
and she said that it was good for no body.
They saw the man looked like the dealer of the last day. He was placed before a board and behind the table. It's very important to listen the tall person.
«  I have just one to do a test for the children, just to know their reaction, and... their reaction was good. Understood children? The drugs are not good for the human body.
You think you can fly like a bird but you go down.
For every children of the world, never touch the drugs because you could be very dependant and after die »(dealer) It was for all the people and children, a real lesson of life.

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Once upon a time New York had a sixth borough. In the times the oldest of New York, nearly two thousand dogs lived in this town. The legend says it’s these dogs which dominated and governed the town. At the place, the same where we can see the statue of liberty there was a big board of its leader: Big-Fang. Big-Fang had lots of occupations but its passion the most ferocious was the fishing. He could fish sixteen fish by day. However Big-Fang was awful annoyed by the very ugly, very nasty, queen of birds: Birdy. Today Birdy has reincarnated into a singer. Sometimes, Birdy came to steal fish to Big-Fang. That put Big-Fang in a big anger. As large as Big-Fang could become very bad with the people. He had, in the deepest of him, after this, a huge rage! The legend says during his rage, Big-Fan sometimes could eat beautiful, small and blue birds. He chose there blue for a simple and good reason, because the blue recalled him the sea: the home of its delicious and nice fish. When Big-Fang was hungry or angry, he could eat up to eleven blue birds! It was terrible for the bird’s family. A day the father of a little bird which ate by Big-Fang, because he is very sad bought lots of flying tables. These tables must hit the against each other close to the royal palace in order to wake up Big-Fang. The blue bird’s father played this to start to hunt Big-Fang of the kingdom of New-York and make the nasty bird queen to follow Big-Fang. Hoping all would be better. The plan worked and the blue bird’s father implanted the rule of Cui-Cui! It’s why today we can see lots of blue birds to accompany of dogs in Central Park. These dogs are submitted to the rule of Cui-Cui for ever!!!

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MxPV & Tom Swayer

Once upon a time, New York city had a sixth borough . The story starts in 2001 . The sixth borough was an Island of two thousand fishermen, who fished all day long . When the fishing was finished, they returned to their wooden houses and they played with their children. Sometimes, they enjoyed a day off, with their families to walk with their big dogs and woke up late . But one of the fishermen took no rest day, he preferred to enjoy the blue sky and his beautiful boat than his eleven children . The father of this family was always absent, the oldest of this son took care of his brothers and sisters, their mother had died . His name was Renaud, he was sixteen years old , and he was ugly, but he loved his family, and he bought everything they wanted .

One day, while he was eating potatoes with brother Jack on a table, he saw a bird through the window of the kitchen, and he decided to catch it , but it flew, and Renaud was alone outside and happy, walked without finishing his plate, around house of island . Suddenly, he found a nice board on which he decided to return to his home with him and his aches. The next day, he felt very nice, and his bad aches of yesterday had disappeared while usually two days were necessary to recover his strength. He thought while the board had returned him a good health, and looked at it in the evening, but at the time of the touch of a board, a flash of lightning brought down on the boy .

One week later, the boy was alive, and he did not remember any more having received flash of lightning . His family was lacking bread, and he went to buy it to the market of the sixth district of New York, which still had no name, when suddenly, an old lady crossed the street to go to the market and a car which drove at a very brisk pace was going to collide her. Renaud saw it, and ran for save the old lady, but he run as no man had still ever roamed, and he took the old lady under his arm and took her on the other side of the street, before the car came . The people having seen this exploit, him decided to congratulate him, and his reward was his name for the sixth borough of New York. One year later, the young boy became the mayor of the borough .

But when he went to his home, he looked for the board but did not find it . Thus if a day, you find an insignificant board in the street, collect it, and you could get the luck to have great powers.

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Red le bucheron

« Ok son, I will start my story if you listen to me... » « Yes dad!» « Once upon a time, New York City had a sixth borough. Not five boroughs but of course six boroughs. Everything began on the sixteenth of November 2000, after we won the Gulf War. One american scientist, called Lagertha Lothbrock, searched a new source of energy in the floor of the United States of America. She began her research and she found her new energy. But she need to dug the Earth from the floor to the Earth's center to use the energy. Lagertha discovered something else in the center of the Earth... » « Father, it's boring ! And I am tired. Can you move in your story ? » « Yes, but this part is important. So I continue. Lagertha discovered at the same time a new life, new people, and new towns ! These people were very little, and the most important, they were blue. Every person in this very little town was blue and their town was called « The Smurf City ». It's nice, beautiful but the smurf were afraid when Lagertha came. Because they were one prophecy : They would die when a big bad ugly people came with a cat. But fortunately Lagertha didn't have a cat. The smurf lived in big mushroom. They were like us. They had friend. They ate greenbrier. They bought their food in the « Greenbrier Supermarket ».They played card on the table. They fished. They had got a small dog, a small cow, a small fox. The smurf child woke up early and went in their university with a skate board. They made everything like us ! Sometimes in The Smurf City the bird were flying and singing on the tree. » « Miaou !!! » « Azräel run away and go to sleep in your basket ! Stupid cat... Where do I left off ? Anyway. Lagertha fell in love of this town, this sixth borough of New York City. Then, she never told this story to anybody apart me. Now, we are only three people to know this story. » « It's wonderful story dad ! » « Yes and now it's time to go to bed. Goodnight Gargamel !»

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Once upon a time New York city had a sixth borough , and the borough festival was every year  on the 11th of June . This date was chosen in 2000 by all the inhabitants of the borough , with an election organized by the primary school . The sixth borough has one school for all the children aged from 3 to 12 years old . All the parents of the borough were concerned by this election .

At this date, the school and all the shops of the borough were closed and inhabitants didn’t work and get together. This nice day begins at nine o’clock, they had to wake up at eight . All the people prepare together the big lunch . Everyone has bought the food for the different meals, vegetables, chicken, fishes, cakes, etc. Parents organized games for the children. They can play football, cricket, baseball, basket and more. For the youngest children, a jungler and clowns make a show. Sometimes, one of the kids is frightened by the clowns. After the show, the jungler teaches the children how to jungle . John, one of the children of the sixth borough came this morning with his parents, his dog and his sister who is 16 years old. They arrived at half past nine. The parents were preparing the lunch while John was playing boardgames. His father came playing monopoly during one hour with him. When his father left,  John was watching the bird because he likes bird and the  sky was in a beautiful blue. For the lunch, the tables were set up in the street, and there were thousands plates and glasses put on. When the lunch started , all the inhabitants clinked their glasses. After the long  and big lunch, the people started playing football, baseball, cricket, basket, etc. 

In the middle of the borough runs a river. A great place for all the families! John and his sister decided to fish. The had brought the material. The party begins, and ten minutes later, John had a fish, a very ugly fish! In this river, everything was possible. At a moment a teenager passed on the river, sit on a board. It was very funny !

What a great day !

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Jack Sparrow

Once upon a time , New York had a sixth borough….

My name is Jack , I live in New York . Today I'm celebrating my tenth year here. Like every morning , I leave my home at eight o’clock to go to my job . I’m the narratorof this story and the most narrator famous in New York . During my journey I feed the dog , its name is Sparrow . Sometimes I cross a man , his name is Will Turner. He is very famous in the world because he plays a flute for the birds , and when they are listening to the music they birds dance !!!

Today there is a beautiful blue sky , so I 'm going to tell you about the sixth borough .

Once upon a time , New York had a sixth borough : The Borough of Pirates . The sixth borough was next to the ocean , the humans who lived overthere were very bad . But there was a wowan , she was beautiful , she was the Queen of pirates. Her father has been killed by marine so the girl wanted to kill a marine. She had a boat , the Black Pearl. Its pirates was big but strongh, they fished , danced on the table , fought, were very ugly but nobody said nothing . But the on November, the 16th 1632 , the army of 2000 humans came to fight . For the fight they armies buy a lot of food, arms, etc … But during the battle the Queen of pirates and the captain become aware they were old friends. The two armies celebrated their reunions . They danced , sang , played soccer on the Black Pearl’s deck and drank …”

I have a lot of history but it’s my prefered .

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Walter Heisenberg White

Once upon a time, NEW YORK had a sixth borough.

The day of the story is November, the 6th 2000. In this borough, there are only supers-heros. And, you know, there are only two thousands citizens in this borough, and the majority of people is eleven or sixteen years old, because fathers and mothers leave the city because they are in danger.

In this city, there are two kids, their names are Mark and John, they like to eat and take a good time, do the figure with their board in the skate park or play videogames with their super-powers. Mark can break every object, like chair, tables, door…John can create anything with his feeling, like the food like fish, cereals. With these super-powers, they don't have to fish, or hunt!

Sometimes, the bourough opens its door, and everybody can enter .There are super-heroes in this borough, but it's a normal, nice and beautiful town, and we can see big dogs, cats, and the blue birds are singing.

In this borough, near the town of the super-hero, there is a town with bad guys, and ugly guys. They are ennemies of the super-heroes. When they wake up, they start their day killing everybody, and they do not buy but they steal what they want.

A war is in preparation, if the bads guys win, they keep the borough, and they will become the kings of this borough. But, if the supers-heroes win, they would kill their ennemies, but they are nice, and the ennemies would go prison.

In this war, John is the good guy, and is fighting and he wants to kill his brother, Mark from the borough! They are ennemies, they are hating each other, and Mark does anything to kill his brother! Two years later, the war finishes by the fighting of two brothers. Mark wins the fight.

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