Once upon a time, New York city had a sixth borough . The story starts in 2001 . The sixth borough was an Island of two thousand fishermen, who fished all day long . When the fishing was finished, they returned to their wooden houses and they played with their children. Sometimes, they enjoyed a day off, with their families to walk with their big dogs and woke up late . But one of the fishermen took no rest day, he preferred to enjoy the blue sky and his beautiful boat than his eleven children . The father of this family was always absent, the oldest of this son took care of his brothers and sisters, their mother had died . His name was Renaud, he was sixteen years old , and he was ugly, but he loved his family, and he bought everything they wanted .

One day, while he was eating potatoes with brother Jack on a table, he saw a bird through the window of the kitchen, and he decided to catch it , but it flew, and Renaud was alone outside and happy, walked without finishing his plate, around house of island . Suddenly, he found a nice board on which he decided to return to his home with him and his aches. The next day, he felt very nice, and his bad aches of yesterday had disappeared while usually two days were necessary to recover his strength. He thought while the board had returned him a good health, and looked at it in the evening, but at the time of the touch of a board, a flash of lightning brought down on the boy .

One week later, the boy was alive, and he did not remember any more having received flash of lightning . His family was lacking bread, and he went to buy it to the market of the sixth district of New York, which still had no name, when suddenly, an old lady crossed the street to go to the market and a car which drove at a very brisk pace was going to collide her. Renaud saw it, and ran for save the old lady, but he run as no man had still ever roamed, and he took the old lady under his arm and took her on the other side of the street, before the car came . The people having seen this exploit, him decided to congratulate him, and his reward was his name for the sixth borough of New York. One year later, the young boy became the mayor of the borough .

But when he went to his home, he looked for the board but did not find it . Thus if a day, you find an insignificant board in the street, collect it, and you could get the luck to have great powers.