« Ok son, I will start my story if you listen to me... » « Yes dad!» « Once upon a time, New York City had a sixth borough. Not five boroughs but of course six boroughs. Everything began on the sixteenth of November 2000, after we won the Gulf War. One american scientist, called Lagertha Lothbrock, searched a new source of energy in the floor of the United States of America. She began her research and she found her new energy. But she need to dug the Earth from the floor to the Earth's center to use the energy. Lagertha discovered something else in the center of the Earth... » « Father, it's boring ! And I am tired. Can you move in your story ? » « Yes, but this part is important. So I continue. Lagertha discovered at the same time a new life, new people, and new towns ! These people were very little, and the most important, they were blue. Every person in this very little town was blue and their town was called « The Smurf City ». It's nice, beautiful but the smurf were afraid when Lagertha came. Because they were one prophecy : They would die when a big bad ugly people came with a cat. But fortunately Lagertha didn't have a cat. The smurf lived in big mushroom. They were like us. They had friend. They ate greenbrier. They bought their food in the « Greenbrier Supermarket ».They played card on the table. They fished. They had got a small dog, a small cow, a small fox. The smurf child woke up early and went in their university with a skate board. They made everything like us ! Sometimes in The Smurf City the bird were flying and singing on the tree. » « Miaou !!! » « Azräel run away and go to sleep in your basket ! Stupid cat... Where do I left off ? Anyway. Lagertha fell in love of this town, this sixth borough of New York City. Then, she never told this story to anybody apart me. Now, we are only three people to know this story. » « It's wonderful story dad ! » « Yes and now it's time to go to bed. Goodnight Gargamel !»