Once upon a time New York city had a sixth borough , and the borough festival was every year  on the 11th of June . This date was chosen in 2000 by all the inhabitants of the borough , with an election organized by the primary school . The sixth borough has one school for all the children aged from 3 to 12 years old . All the parents of the borough were concerned by this election .

At this date, the school and all the shops of the borough were closed and inhabitants didn’t work and get together. This nice day begins at nine o’clock, they had to wake up at eight . All the people prepare together the big lunch . Everyone has bought the food for the different meals, vegetables, chicken, fishes, cakes, etc. Parents organized games for the children. They can play football, cricket, baseball, basket and more. For the youngest children, a jungler and clowns make a show. Sometimes, one of the kids is frightened by the clowns. After the show, the jungler teaches the children how to jungle . John, one of the children of the sixth borough came this morning with his parents, his dog and his sister who is 16 years old. They arrived at half past nine. The parents were preparing the lunch while John was playing boardgames. His father came playing monopoly during one hour with him. When his father left,  John was watching the bird because he likes bird and the  sky was in a beautiful blue. For the lunch, the tables were set up in the street, and there were thousands plates and glasses put on. When the lunch started , all the inhabitants clinked their glasses. After the long  and big lunch, the people started playing football, baseball, cricket, basket, etc. 

In the middle of the borough runs a river. A great place for all the families! John and his sister decided to fish. The had brought the material. The party begins, and ten minutes later, John had a fish, a very ugly fish! In this river, everything was possible. At a moment a teenager passed on the river, sit on a board. It was very funny !

What a great day !