Once upon a time , New York had a sixth borough….

My name is Jack , I live in New York . Today I'm celebrating my tenth year here. Like every morning , I leave my home at eight o’clock to go to my job . I’m the narratorof this story and the most narrator famous in New York . During my journey I feed the dog , its name is Sparrow . Sometimes I cross a man , his name is Will Turner. He is very famous in the world because he plays a flute for the birds , and when they are listening to the music they birds dance !!!

Today there is a beautiful blue sky , so I 'm going to tell you about the sixth borough .

Once upon a time , New York had a sixth borough : The Borough of Pirates . The sixth borough was next to the ocean , the humans who lived overthere were very bad . But there was a wowan , she was beautiful , she was the Queen of pirates. Her father has been killed by marine so the girl wanted to kill a marine. She had a boat , the Black Pearl. Its pirates was big but strongh, they fished , danced on the table , fought, were very ugly but nobody said nothing . But the on November, the 16th 1632 , the army of 2000 humans came to fight . For the fight they armies buy a lot of food, arms, etc … But during the battle the Queen of pirates and the captain become aware they were old friends. The two armies celebrated their reunions . They danced , sang , played soccer on the Black Pearl’s deck and drank …”

I have a lot of history but it’s my prefered .