Once upon a time, NEW YORK had a sixth borough.

The day of the story is November, the 6th 2000. In this borough, there are only supers-heros. And, you know, there are only two thousands citizens in this borough, and the majority of people is eleven or sixteen years old, because fathers and mothers leave the city because they are in danger.

In this city, there are two kids, their names are Mark and John, they like to eat and take a good time, do the figure with their board in the skate park or play videogames with their super-powers. Mark can break every object, like chair, tables, door…John can create anything with his feeling, like the food like fish, cereals. With these super-powers, they don't have to fish, or hunt!

Sometimes, the bourough opens its door, and everybody can enter .There are super-heroes in this borough, but it's a normal, nice and beautiful town, and we can see big dogs, cats, and the blue birds are singing.

In this borough, near the town of the super-hero, there is a town with bad guys, and ugly guys. They are ennemies of the super-heroes. When they wake up, they start their day killing everybody, and they do not buy but they steal what they want.

A war is in preparation, if the bads guys win, they keep the borough, and they will become the kings of this borough. But, if the supers-heroes win, they would kill their ennemies, but they are nice, and the ennemies would go prison.

In this war, John is the good guy, and is fighting and he wants to kill his brother, Mark from the borough! They are ennemies, they are hating each other, and Mark does anything to kill his brother! Two years later, the war finishes by the fighting of two brothers. Mark wins the fight.